Hoya australis subsp australis Apocynaceae

Common Waxflower

Form and Size: A rock climber with long, twining stems

Distribution: From Cooktown, north Qld. to Grafton, NSW, on bluffs and escarpments, along streambanks and in rainforest margins

Leaves: Opposite, egg-shaped to rounded or oval, fleshy, yellowish to dark green, smooth above,
densely hairy and dull beneath, 3-6cm x 2-5cm

Flowers: White with a red spot at the base of each lobe, perfumed, waxy, fleshy, 1.5-2.5cm diameter;
borne on stalks 1.5-2.5cm long in clusters of 12-40

Flowering Period: Sporadic

Fruit: Follicles, cylindrical, 10-15cm x 1- 1.5cm

Distinctive Features: Distinguished from H. oligotricha by the leaves, which are distinctly hairy beneath.