Books about local plants

Across the Top”, Gardening with Australian Plants” describes some 1400 species, and includes articles on topics ranging from successful gardening with native plants to encouraging birds and butterflies in your garden. The plant descriptions are entered by scientific name and there is a common name index and glossary, together running to 400 pages. This book was completely revised, updated and re-published in 2009. It is available from local bookshops.

Plants of the Dry Tropics” is a full colour publication which covers in its 190 pages many of the more commonly occurring trees, shrubs, vines and herbs of our immediate region. The book is easy to navigate, and provides several detailed photographs for each species, as well as a descriptive text. Its handy small format makes this book a must for everyone who enjoys our natural environment. It is available from local bookshops.

“Native Grasses for Revegetation in the Townsville Region” provides detailed information and illustrations for 12 native grass species suitable for local revegetation projects. The author is Nanette Hooker, a renowned local botanist at James Cook University. Download a free PDF copy here.

“Common grass weeds in Townsville” by Nanette Hooker, JCU botanist specialising in north Queensland grass species, is a detailed and well-illustrated guide to help people recognise troublesome grasses (non-native species) that invade public and private open spaces and revegetation sites. Download a free PDF copy here.

Wattles of the Burra Range section of the White Mountains National Park” is currently out of print but it’s worth searching for in second-hand bookshops. Based on decades of experience, this publication by Betsy Jackes and Keith Townsend aims to take the hard work out of identifying the 60-plus species of wattle you are likely to encounter in the Burra Range, a fascinating part of the world. The key is fully illustrated and is invaluable for all levels of expertise.