Hakea lorea Proteaceae

Bootlace Oak

Form and Size: A tall shrub or small tree, 4-8m high

Distribution: From Cape York to south-western Qld, southern NT and central WA; in open, sparsely wooded country

Leaves: Slender, cylindrical, pendulous, smooth, green to greyish, occasionally once or twice divided, 30-70cm x about 0.4cm

Bark: Dark grey, furrowed, corky

Flowers: Creamy yellow, waxy, 0.8-1cm long; borne in densely flowered, cylindrical racemes 8-20cm long

Flowering Period: June to December

Fruit: Follicles, woody, beaked, 2.5-3cm x 1.5-2cm; fruit are only set in small numbers and are rarely found

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed, which should only be lightly covered. The flowers are rich in nectar and provide a food source for birds, bats and small marsupials. A plant which is very attractive with its long, pendulous leaves.Now includes plants previously known as H. suberea