Fitzalania heteropetala Annonaceae

Orange Annona

Form and Size: An erect shrub to 4-5m high with distinctive horizontal branching

Distribution: Townsville to the Mary River (SE Qld.) in coastal vine thickets and along stream banks

Leaves: Alternate along a zig-zag stem, oval-shaped, 4-12cm x 2-7cm, covered in fine hairs above and especially below

Flowers: Solitary, deep reddish purple to purplish-black, 6 petals in two whorls hanging limply

Flowering Period: October-June

Fruit: Bright orange, elongate cigar-shaped 4-5cm long, in clusters of 1-12, derived from a single flower, containing numerous disc-shaped seeds

Cultivation/ Notes: Propagate from fresh seed, which can be quite slow. Plants will fruit from 35cm high and the fruit is edible. Food plant of the Pale Green Triangle butterfly. Tolerates deep shade but does best in full sun.