Euroschinus falcatus var. angustifolius Anacardiaceae

Chinaman’s Cedar, Pink Poplar, Ribbonwood

Form and Size: A tall tree, 20-30m high but often shorter, with pendulous foliage; trunk often buttressed

Distribution: From Cooktown, Qld. to Jervis Bay, NSW; in rainforests, drier forests and along stream banks

Leaves: Pinnate, 4-10 alternate leaflets; leaflets egg-shaped, unequal at the base, glossy green above, paler beneath, long drawn-out tip, 5-10cm x 2-5cm.

Bark: Brownish-grey, wrinkled or scaly

Flowers: Pink, about 0.5cm diameter; borne in large terminal panicles

Flowering Period: November to December

Fruit: Egg-shaped, black, scented when damaged, 0.6-0.9cm long; a single seed about 0.5cm long

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed. A fast growing tree with an attractive appearance, suited to larger gardens or parks. Will do well in well drained soils which have been mulched.