Eucalyptus similis Myrtaceae

Inland Yellowjacket

Eucalyptus similis

Form and Size: A small tree, 7-14m high, with a single trunk and dense, spreading crown

Distribution: Inland Qld. from the Laura River on Cape York to about Jericho

Adult Leaves: Lance-shaped, sometimes sickle-shaped, a fine hook at the tip, thick, green, paler beneath, lateral veins at 70°-80°, stalk flattened, 8-12cm x 1.5-2.5cm

Bark: Yellow-brown, flaky, irregularly tessellated

Buds: More or less cylindrical; base cup-shaped, 5-6mm long, 4-5mm wide; cap conical, 3-6mm long, 4-5mm wide

Flowers: White, about l.5cm diameter; borne in clusters of 3-7

Flowering Period: March to April

Fruit: Capsules, almost cylindrical, woody, ridged, 10-12mm long. 8-10mm wide: valves level or slightly exserted

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed. Another of the attractive yellow-brown barked trees suited to drier areas. A good, small shade tree for loamy or sandy soils.

Eucaluyptus similis