Dodonaea viscosa ssp. burmanniana Sapindaceae

<p><em>Form and Size:</em> A variable, spreading shrub, 1-6m high, with numerous forms. Occurs throughout all states, and some of the forms will probably be described as separate species in the future.</p>
<p><em>Distribution:</em> This description relates to a form found in coastal areas of north-eastern Qld. and north-eastern N.S.W<br />
<em><br />
Leaves:</em> Oval or sometimes egg-shaped, smooth, margins irregularly wavy, 7-13cm x 2-4cm<br />
<em><br />
Flowers:</em> Male and female on separate plants, or bisexual, in terminal clusters<br />
<em><br />
Flowering Period:</em> August to November<br />
<em><br />
Fruit:</em> Capsules, 2-3 winged, yellow, light brown, dark reddish-brown or pink maturing to purple, about 2.3cm x 2.5cm</p>
<p><em>Cultivation/Notes:</em> Propagate from treated seed or cuttings<br />
Found on sandy soils or dunes near the coast in partial or full sun<br />
Will form a dense shrub</p>
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