Diospyros geminata Ebenaceae

Scaly Ebony, Iron Tree

 Form and size: A small tree, usually not exceeding 4-6m in height

Distribution: Qld. and PNG; wide spread in dry rainforest and vine thickets

Leaves: Broadly oval, 3-7.5cm long, blunt or rounded apex, often tapered to the base, leathery to stiff, with a waxy appearance, 3-4 visible glands on the undersurface toward the base, dark green above, paler beneath

Bark: Fissured, dark and scaly

Flowers: Separate male and female flowers, small, cream to green in colour

Flowering Period: July to August

Fruit: An oval berry 8-12mm x 6-8mm, yellow ripening to orange/red, held in a prominent cup-like calyx; sometimes paired, hence “geminata” meaning twins.

Cultivation /Notes: Propagate from seed. This is a slow growing plant – the fruit are pleasantly edible when ripe.