Crinum angustifolium Amaryllidaceae

Field Lily

Form and Size: A perennial lily, 0.3-1m high, growing from a bulb

Distribution: Qld, NT and WA; along stream banks and floodplains subject to annual inundation.

Leaves: Narrow, tapering to a pointed tip, erect and spreading, dark green, margins roughened, 30-l00cm x 3-6cm; arising from a bulb at ground level.

Flowers: White, anthers purple and straight, perfumed, 6 petals, 12-14cm diameter borne in umbrella-like clusters of 6-12 on a stalk 30-50cm long arising from the lower leaf axils.

Flowering Period: November to January

Fruit: Capsules, pale green, roundish; seeds usually germinate before they fall

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed which has to be collected while still in the capsule. Will grow in shade but needs sun to flower.