Corymbia setosa subsp. pedicellaris Myrtaceae

Desert Bloodwood, Rough-leaved Bloodwood

Form and Size: A small, straggly tree, 5-15m high, usually with a single trunk and sparse canopy

Distribution: Across northern Qld And NT, on rocky hills and sandy plains, not extending to wet tropical areas

Adult Leaves: Opposite, stalkless, oblong to broadly egg-shaped, heart-shaped at the base, rough, bristly, grey-green,
1.5-6cm x 1-5cm; new growth bearing red-brown bristly hairs

Bark: Brown to grey-brown, rough, tessellated or flaky

Buds: Egg-shaped to pear-shaped, bristly-hairy; base 7-9mm long, 6-8mm wide; cap roundish-conical

Flowers: White in the east, grading to apricot, pink or reddish to the western part of the range, 2.5-3.5cm diameter; borne in clusters of 3-7, several clusters forming panicles; all parts bearing red-brown, bristly hairs.

Flowering Period: October to January

Fruit: Capsules, egg-shaped to spherical, 13-20mm long, 13-23mm wide; valves deeply enclosed

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed. Not suited to wet soils or moist, humid conditions