Commersonia bartramia Byttneriaceae

Brown Kurrajong

Commersonia bartramia

Form and Size: A tall shrub or small, spreading tree, 5-12m high, young branches covered with white hairs

Distribution: Cape York Peninsula, Qld. to north-eastern NSW; in rainforest and along stream banks

Leaves: Egg-shaped, dull green above, whitish beneath, margins irregularly toothed, 6-15cm x 2-5cm

Flowers: Cream, 0.4-0.6cm diameter; borne in profusion in small clusters and held above the leaves, giving an appearance resembling snow on the branches

Flowering Period: November to January

Fruit: Capsules, rounded, covered in soft bristles, 2-2.5cm diameter

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed or stem cuttings. Requires well drained soil and plenty of sun. Branches are more or less horizontal and give a layered effect. Foliage is eaten by cattle.