Coelospermum reticulatum Rubiaceae

Form and Size: A straggly shrub, 1-3m tall, sometimes a scrambler or climber

Distribution: Qld and NT; in coastal scrubs, along stream banks and on stony ridges

Leaves: Opposite, stiff, coarse textured, egg-shaped, tapering to the base, light green, prominent reticulated venation, 5-9cm x 3- 6cm

Flowers: White, tubular, hairy inside, perfumed, 1-1.5cm long; borne in small terminal clusters

Flowering Period: August to February

Fruit: Berries, globular, smooth, blackish, 0.7-1cm diameter; 3-4 seeds embedded in pulp

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed which must be fresh. A straggly shrub in the wild, but could no doubt be greatly improved with pruning, fertilizing and watering.