Clerodendrum floribundum Lamiaceae

Thurkoo, Lolly Bush

Form and Size: A small, slender tree, 3-5m high

Distribution: Qld. NT and NSW as far south as Taree; along streams and in open forests

Leaves: Opposite, egg-shaped, rounded at the base, smooth, carried on a long stalk, 6-17cm x 3-13cm

Bark: Light grey, rough, deeply furrowed

Flowers: White, about 0.8cm diameter, tubular, tube about 3cm long. 5 petals, stamens protruding about 2.5cm, unless flower is deformed by insect attack, when stamens are then included; borne in the upper leaf axils

Flowering Period: August to October

Fruit: Black, shiny, about 1cm across, surrounded by the calyx which becomes scarlet at maturity

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed, cuttings or root suckers, which are prevalent. These suckers can actually become quite a nuisance, as small sections of damaged root will send up numerous unwanted suckers. Needs annual pruning to maintain a good shape.