Carallia brachiata Rhizophoraceae


Form and Size: A small to medium tree, 5-10m high with widely spreading branches

Distribution: Qld, NT and WA; in coastal vine thickets, monsoon forests, on sand dunes, and extending to nearby islands

Leaves: Opposite, oval, smooth, thin, blunt, glossy above, dull beneath, 7-15cm x 2-10cm

Bark: Cream-grey, rough, corky

Flowers: Small, cream-green, 0.2-0.3cm diameter; borne in small clusters on old wood

Flowering Period: July to September or December to March

Fruit: Berries, globular, smooth, red, about 0.6cm diameter; calyx prominent on end

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed
This species is resistant to salt spray and saline soils