Calytrix microcoma Myrtaceae

Turkey Bush

Form and Size: An open, spreading, bushy shrub, 1-4m high

Distribution: Northern areas of Qld, NT and WA;
often on poor soils and disturbed areas and as an under storey plant in open woodlands

Leaves: Scale-like, 3-sided, densely packed and overlapping, dark green, 0.2cm x 0.1cm.

Bark: Grey, rough, flaky

Flowers: Deep pink to mauve, star-like, clustered toward the ends of branches, about 2.5cm diameter, calyx tube about 1-1.5cm long

Flowering Period: April to October

Fruit: A small nut in the calyx tube

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed or cutting. Has not proved easy to grow in cultivation. Found in the wild on disturbed areas and poor, eroded soils, often in pure stands. Perhaps we try to treat it too well!

Calytrix extipulata