Bonhamia dietrichiana Convolvulaceae

Dietrich’s Morning Glory

Form and Size: Scrambling vine 3-8 metres in height

Distribution: From Marlborough (central Queensland) to Magentic Island

Leaves: Alternate, densley hairy above and below
Oval shaped with heart shaped base 16-50 mm long and 5-30 mm wide

Flowers: White funnel shaped flowers 30-60 mm diamete, 5 fused petals with numerous white hairs beneath
5 hairy sepals 10-12 mm long, 2 styles joined at base and 5 stamens

Flowering Period: March to May

Fruit: an erect spherical capsule 10-12 mm long by 5-7 mm diameter. Fruit splits along 4 sutures to release several hard triangular seeds.

Cultivation/Notes: Unknown