Atractocarpus fitzalanii Rubiaceae

Brown Gardenia

Form and Size: A bushy shrub or tree to 5m tall

Distribution: Rainforests of north-eastern Qld., from Cooktown to Mackay

Leaves: Lance-shaped, dark green, glossy, veins yellowish, to 25cm x 10cm

Flowers: White, star-shaped, tubular at the base, fragrant, 5-petalled, to 2.5cm diameter; borne in clusters in the older leaf axils

Flowering Period: September to November

Fruit: Yellowish, globular, about 8cm diameter

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed. Likes a shady spot and abundant water. It is a neat plant, which does not require pruning and drops very few leaves
It is a food plant of the Bee Hawk moth.