Alyxia ruscifolia Apocynaceae

Moonya, Native Holly, Chain Fruit

Form and Size: Stiff shrub to 2.5m tall. Exudes a milky sap if damaged

Distribution: Qld., N.T. and north-eastern N.S.W.; in open scrubs and vine thickets

Leaves: Oval, dark green, stiff, sharp pointed, 3.5cm x 2cm; in whorls, usually of four leaves

Bark: Mottled, pale to dark grey, smooth

Flowers: White, tubular, 5 star-like petals, perfumed, about 0.5cm long; in small terminal heads

Flowering Period: December to May

Fruit: Orange, globular, to 1.5cm diameter; borne singly or in chain-like pairs
Fruit is thought to be poisonous

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed or cuttings