Acacia simsii Mimosaceae

Sim’s Wattle

Form and Size: Medium shrub, 2-4m high

Distribution: Coastal and near coastal areas of north Qld south to Proserpine; Arnhem Land and PNG

Phyllodes: Narrow, smooth, straight or slightly curved, tapering to both ends, membraneous, 5-15cm x 0.5-1.2cm, green, small upturned hook at tip; 1-3 prominent longitudinal veins

Bark: Smooth, grey, sometimes mottled

Flowers: Bright yellow balls, borne singly or in one or two pairs on short stalks in the leaf axils

Flowering Period: January to March and sporadic

Fruit: Pods, brown, flattened, pale margins, slightly constricted between the seeds, 5-6.5cm x 0.4-0.6cm; alternately raised and depressed over the seeds; seeds longitudinal in the pod

Distinctive Features: Similar to A. multisiliqua, however A. multisiliqua has thick, leathery, fleshy phyllodes, and narrower pods 3-6cm x 0.3-0.4cm

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed. Fast growing and can flower in first year
Needs good drainage and full sun. Best if planted in dense groups of three or four shrubs

Type:“N.E. Coast, Cleveland’s Bay, Cunningham; also in Bauer’s collection,
and cultivated in Trinidad and in Mauritius Botanic Garden from Australian seed.”