Acacia sericophylla Mimosaceae

Wirewood, Desert Oak

Form and Size: Tall shrub or small tree

Distribution: Inland dry, sandy areas of Qld, NSW, SA, WA, and NT, extending to the coast in dry areas

Phyllodes: Leathery, grey-green, pendulous, dense flattened hairs, 15-30cm x 0.2-0.5cm; numerous fine veins

Bark: Corky, grey, furrowed

Flowers: Bright yellow balls in pairs on stalks 1-2cm long

Flowering Period: January to July

Fruit: Pods, woody, grey, twisted, 15-25cm x 0.8-1cm; constricted between the seeds

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed. Requires full sun and good drainage