Acacia homaloclada Mimosaceae

Ghost Wattle
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Form and Size: Small tree to about 5m; open form and flattened branchlets.

Distribution: North Qld. coast, from Hinchinbrook Island to Cape Flattery; on low, sandy areas.

Phyllodes: Curved, tapering to both ends, 6-11cm x 0.9-2cm; 3 prominent longitudinal veins.

Bark: White, smooth on trunk and branches.

Flowers: Bright yellow ball flowers in clusters, either terminal or in the upper leaf axils.

Flowering Period: July to September.

Fruit: Pods, flat, raised over the seeds, 7-9cm x 0.8-1cm; usually with a whitish bloom; margins prominent and raised.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed. Fast growing but appears to be a short lived species.