Acacia decora Mimosaceae

Showy Wattle, Western Silver Wattle

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Form and Size: Medium to large shrub 2m to 5m high.

Distribution: West of the Dividing Range in Qld., N.S.W. and Vic. on stony ridges and sandy soils in open forests.

Phyllodes: Smooth, leathery, bluish-grey to green up to 5cm long; prominent central vein.Bark: Smooth and grey.

Flowers: Perfumed bright yellow balls in large clusters which protrude beyond the phyllodes.

Flowering Period: June to September.

Fruit: Pods, brown, flat, straight or curved, to 11cm x 0.5-1cm; usually constricted between the seeds; seeds longitudinal in the pod.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed or cuttings. A hardy plant tolerating most soil types. Tends to be rather spindly and will give a better showing if three or more plants are planted close together. The distinctive foliage colour and prolific flowering habit make this a very attractive plant.