Acacia bancroftiorum Mimosaceae

Previous name Acacia bancroftii

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Form and Size: Shrub or small tree to 6m.

Distribution: Inland dry areas of central and southern Qld.; on rocky slopes in open forest.

Phyllodes: Silvery-grey, broad and curved, 9-22cm x 2-8cm, often with a “tooth” on the upper margin.

Bark: Grey. Stems often appear white because of a powdery bloom.

Flowers: Bright yellow ball flowers in clusters of 20 or more.

Flowering Period: May to July.

Fruit: Pods, straight, shiny, flat, smooth, thickened margins, 9-20cm x 1-1.7cm; raised over the seeds; seeds longitudinal in the pod.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed. Grows naturally on rocky slopes, eg. foothills of Blackdown Tableland, so the site chosen should be well drained. A very showy wattle with bright yellow flowers and silver-grey foliage.