Acacia aneura Mimosaceae

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Form and Size
: Bushy shrub or small tree to approx. 10m with a silvery or grey-green appearance.

Distribution: Throughout Australia in dry inland areas.

Phyllodes: Narrow and flat to sometimes needle-like, 2-17cm x 0.1-0.8cm; silvery grey-green, thick and leathery.

Bark: Brown, rough and fissured.

Flowers: Yellow spikes 1-3cm x 0.5-0.7cm.

Flowering Period: April to July and sometimes sporadic.

Fruit: Pods, light brown, flat, 2-5cm x 0.7-1.4cm; winged margins and raised, net-like veins; seeds transverse or oblique in the pod.

Distinctive Features: The name aneura means “without nerves”, referring to the phyllodes, whose veins are generally not visible.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed. Very drought resistant, will tolerate most soils and is a long-lived species. Timber is very dark, hard and durable and used widely for souvenir making.