Abrus precatorius Fabaceae

Crab’s Eye Vine, Giddee Giddee
Abrus precatorius

Form and Size: Slender, perennial, twining vine which is deciduous

Distribution: Australia’s northern tropics, also in SE Asia, Pacific Islands, India, Africa and South America

Leaves: Pinnate. 5-12cm long with 8-16 pairs of smooth, round-ended leaflets each 1-2cm long

Flowers: Clusters of pea-flowers 1-1.2cm long; pink, mauve or white

Flowering Period: January to May

Fruit: Pods, smooth, light brown, woody. 4-5cm x 1-1.5cm; seeds oval, hard, bright red with black end;
these are Poisonous and may be fatal to humans
Particular care should be taken as their bright colour makes them attractive to children

Cultivation/Notes:  May be grown readily from treated seed