Photography on NPQ Townsville website

All the photographs on this site are copyright, and remain the sole property of  the members and friends of SGAP Townsville.

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Many of our members have been photographing native species since the society was established in 1970, usually in the form of 35mm slides.  In recent years most of those slides languished in boxes, having been superceded by digital technology.

In January 2008 our branch successfully applied for a grant from Townsville City Council, to purchase a quality scanner in order to give these slides a new lease of life. As a result, some of the scanned images have been used in this website. We gratefully acknowledge the support of Townsville City Council.

Keith Townsend

Many of the images taht we digitised came from the large back catalogue of Keith Townsend (above) who is a long-serving member of NPQ Townsville, formerly SGAP Townsville. For many years Keith has also provided images for use in the Townsville City Council Natural Assets Database.

Russell Cumming

As a professional botanist Russell Cumming (above) has perhaps seen as much of our native landscape than anyone. Russell has been a long time friend and supporter of NPQ Townsville, formerly SGAP Townsville.  We are indebted to Russell for the generous contribution to this website from his large photographic collection

Greg Calvert

Dr Greg Calvert (above) is a professional botanist with a passion for all aspects of his native environment which he is keen to share at every opportunity.  A long time member of NPQ Townsville, formerly SGAP Townsville, Greg is always contributing his time and expertise to our meetings, and his photographic contribution to this website speaks for itself.