Talks at our previous branch meetings

Feb Dr Greg Calvert  “Townsville Street Trees”
 Keith Townsend on Propagation
 March Dr Greg Calvert “Townsville Street Trees 2”
 Mt Stuart


Feb  John Elliott  “Mogoer Munya – Man from the Clouds”
  Plant id workshop with Keith Townsend
 March    ‘Favourite Plant Forum’
 April  Wendy Wilcox ‘Conservation Volunteers’
    Alligator Creek
 May Charles Lee ‘Blackdown Park Tableland 2’
     Mt Zero
 June Michael Bromage ‘An Introduction to your Libraries’
     Dalrymple Gap Walking Track
 July Roxanne Taylor  ‘Townsville’s Trees’
    Burra Range
 August  John Elliott ‘Round the Ridges 2’
 September  Betsy Jackes ‘Trip to the Kimberley’
     Burra Range
 October Dr Betsy Jackes ‘Flora of the Kimberelys’
     Burra Range
 November Dr Greg Calvert ‘Sub Antarctic Plants’
 Anderson Gardens Cape York section
Feb  John Elliott  “A Townsville Collage”
Keith Townsend   “Australian Garden Cranbourne”
     “Up Close and Personal” with Keith
 March  Val and Charlie “Camping South-West”
Charles Lee  “A Touch of Western Australia”
 April  Dr Janice Lough “Weather Permitting”
   Teegoora Rock (Many Peaks Range)
 May Keith Townsend ‘In your Garden’
 Mackenzie Creek
 June Dr Betsy Jackes  ‘Using online Keys”
 Tyto Wetlands
 July  Don Glasgow  ‘Don’s Ramblings’
     Burra Range
 August  John Elliott  ‘A Visit to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden Hoabart’
     Jezzine Barracks
 September  Dr Betsy Jackes  ‘A Botanists View of Uluru’
     Burra Range
 October  Charles Lee  “Blackdown Tablelands – inland plants of Central Queesland”
     Mt Zero
 November  Don Glasgow/Charles Lee  “Grevilleas with Don and Charles
 2 Hoya Court


 Feb Dr Greg Calvert  “Growing Native Vines”
     ‘Up Close and Personal’ with Keith Townsend
 March John Elliott “Around the Ridges”
     Thompson St Bush Garden
 April  Keith Townsend  “Gardens of Mt Coot-tha”
     Anderson Gardens Cape York Section
 May  Peg Foreman  “Myrtaceae and Fabaceae Families”
     AIMS Creek
 June  Keith Townsend  “William Francis Anderson – the Grand Old Gardener”
  Paluma/Mt Zero Outing
 July  Charles Lee  “What is so Fascinating about Orchids”
  Ben Watts’ Garden
 August  Keith Townsend “A Different View of the Burra”
 September Rex Grattidge  “Growing Plants from Cuttings – What’s going on here?”
     Burra Range
 November  John Elliott  “William Turner; the Father of English Botany”
     Jezzine Barracks


 Feb  John Elliott ” Interesting Plants 2013″
      Outing to Paluma rainforest
 March  Dr Betsy Jackes ” Mistletoes”
     Outing to Mt Stuart
 April  Rex Grattidge  “What’s Living In Your Garden?
     Outing cancelled due to Cyclone Ita!
 May  Dr Catherine Collier  “Growing Seagrasses for Research”
     Palmetum outing
 June  Dr Nathan English  ‘On the Pointy End; the climate and chemistry of tropical cactus – spines and tree rings’
     Mt Zero Outing
 July  Dr Greg Calvert  ‘Botanising the Kimberleys’
 AIMS Creek
 August Charles Lee  ‘Let Me Introduce Me Ol’ Mate Greg’
 September Mark Stoneman “Wongaloo Update”
 Alligator Creek
 October Rex Grattidge “Propagation”
 The Palmetum
 November Peg Foreman  “The Discoveries of Flora in Australia by Europeans”
     Pallarenda Outing



Feb  Keith Townsend  “The Seasonal Burra Range”
      Mt Stuart
 March  John Elliott  “Emmett and Mackenzie Creeks”
     Dan Gleeson Gardens
 April  Keith Townsend “The Vagaries of Nature”
     Anderson Gardens
 May  Dr Betsy Jackes  “Some plants encountered while tripping south and west….”
     Burra Range Outing
 June  Ranger Jo Petersen
“A Visual Tour of Magnetic Island’s 25 Vegetation Types”
     Mt Zero Outing
 July  Ray Berkelmans  “Bee Keeping in Townsville: the Bees Knees”
  Burra Range Outing
 August  Peggy Foreman  “After the Fire”
  Toomulla Beach
 September  Val and Charlie  “Discovering Flowers at Kidston”
     Don Glasgow’s Garden
 October  Dr Betsy Jackes  Diversity – Observe, Conserve, Preserve”
     Anderson Park Qld Rainforest Section
 November  John Elliott  “A Walk on the Wall”



Feb. Rex Grattidge “Botanical Interests Four Continents”
Mt Stuart in conjunction with Orchid Society
March Dr. Betsy Jackes “Identification-Eucalypts”
Plant Sale
April Forum on Propagation/Presentation of Mt Stuart Photos
Bald Rock
May Dr Greg Calvert “Kakadu Plants”
Quarantine Track
June Dr Janice Lough “Climate Change and the Great Barrier Reef”
Burra Range
July Burra         Range Photo show
Don Glasgow garden
August Don Glasgow Photos from Outback Trip
Plant Sale
Sept. Mollie Whitehouse  Greening Australia
Anderson Park Gardening Expo
Oct. Mark Stoneman     “Cromarty Wetlands”
The Black Scrub (Cromarty Wetlands)
Nov. Greg Wilcox Conservation Volunteers/Savannah Nursery
Leigh O’Neil Coastal Dry Tropics Landcare Inc.
Savannah Nusery/Lou Lister Park Revegetation.
Feb. Keith Townsend “Plant Propagation”
March Dr. Greg Calvert “Dangerous Plants”
Plant Sale
April Bald Rock Trail Plants
Bald Rock Trail
May Keith Townsend Identification Forum
June Rex Grattidge “Characteristics of soils and potting mixes”
Burra Range
July Russell Cumming Introduction to his own Photographs
August John Elliott Photos from Burra Range and Redcliffe BG
Plant Sale
Sept. Dr. Greg Calvert “Sterculiaceae”
Oct. Rex Grattidge “Wildflowers of WA”
Nov. Bill White “Native Bees”
Feb Dr Betsy Jackes “Ferns”
March Russell Cumming “Taravale”
April Rex Grattidge “Common Pests of the Garden”
Bald Rock Trail
May Belinda Bickley “Groundcovers”
Graves Circuit Walk
June Dr Greg Calvert “Proteaceae-Royalty amongst Plants”
Burra Range
July Ivor Preston “Backyard Birds-Kirwan Style”
August Web Site Introduction
    Alligator Creek Walk
September Keith Townsend “History of  Botanical Nomenclature”
October Don Glasgow “Great Plants I have Known and Grown”
 Feb John Dowe “Australian Palms
Biogeography, Ecology and Systematics”
    Mt Stuart ‘Habenaria triplonema’
 March Keith Townsend “Anywhere But Here”
    Bald Rock Trail
 April Dr Betsy Jackes “Epacridaceae”
 May Dr Janice Lough “Tree Rings, Corals and Climate”
     Mt Storth
 June Scott Fry “Mangroves”
 July Dr Greg Calvert “Trees and Cyclones”
 August Keith Townsend “Water, Water, Everywhere”
     Mt Cleveland
 September Keith Townsend “West Australian Wildflowers”
 November  John Elliott “A Tour of the Tablelands”
 Feb Russell Cumming “Plants of Castle Hill”
 March James Woodford “The Wollemi Pine”
 April Mark Stoneman “Wongaloo Conservaton Park”
     AIMS Outing
 May Ben Watts “Way out West”
    Bald Rock Trail
 June Dr Betsy Jackes “Introduction to the Paluma Ecotone”
    Outing to Paluma
 July  Ben Watts “The Canning Stock Route”
     The Burra Range
August Paul Slatter Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
September Keith Townsend “A Forest of Green and Gold”
     The Burra Range
October Rex Grattidge “Flowers of Western Australia”
November John Elliott “Best of 2011”
    Fairfield Waters Riverside Walk
 Feb John Elliott  “Creek to Garden”
 March Keith Townsend  “Propagation Techniques”
 April Rex Grattidge  “The Strange Life of the Banana”
     Geology Outing at JCU with Jonathan Smalley
 May Keith Townsend  Round Table Forum
 June Dr Stephen Lewis  “Rivers and Sea Levels of Townsville Region”
     Burra Range
 July John Donahue  “The Early Years – Townsville SGAP”
 August John Two  “Fruits of Glen Allyn”
     Alligator Creek
 September Dr Greg Calvert  “Myrtaceae – The Magnicent Myrtles”
     Burra Range
 October Ian Dyer  “The Larapinta Trail”
 November John Elliott  “The Best of 2012”