Plant of the month 2/2021: Fagraea fagraeacea

Fagraea fagraeacea (Gentianaceae), with beautiful perfumed flowers, was a highlight of the recent NPQ outing to Paluma.

Photo: John Elliott

This was an unexpected new species for many of us but fortunately John had spotted it a few years ago, and then spent several days working out its ID. Very convenient now, to have a quick answer about an unfamiliar species!

Photo: John Elliott

Fagraea fagraeacea is endemic to North East Queensland, growing in well developed upland and mountain rain forest at altitudes of 300 to 1250 metres.

Botanical details for Fagraea fagraeacea are available in the Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants database.

Although not known in cultivation, this would be an interesting plant to try in a cool, moist spot if you manage to find seeds.

As yet fruits have not been observed on the Paluma specimen but they are expected to look similar to those of Fagraea fagrans (photo below), an Asian species that John photographed in Singapore.

Fagraea fragrans, photo: John Elliott