Plant of the month 04/2021: Jacquemontia paniculata

Thanks to Cameron for nominating Jacquemontia paniculata (Convolvulaceae) for P o M and providing his fine photos.

Photo: Cameron Atkinson

Cam found an abundant display of Jacquemontia paniculata flowers on Castle Hill early this month, April 2021.

Photo: Cameron Atkinson

Jacquemontia paniculata is a slender vine, potentially quite widespread locally, but it’s easily overlooked for much of the year. It twines inconspicuously around the stems of other small plants until its dainty lilac flowers attract attention.

Photo: Cameron Atkinson

Russell’s photo (below) was taken in April 2010, suggesting this is a good month to keep an eye out for similar displays. However, it’s unclear whether Jacquemontia paniculata flowers so abundantly at the same time each year.

Photo: Russell Cumming

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