Vigna vexillata Fabaceae

Form and Size: A small twining vine, rising annually from a perennial rootstock

Distribution: Top End of N.T. and northern and eastern Qld.; in open forests and woodlands

Leaves:  Trifoliolate; leaflets narrow with an elongated tip, slightly hairy, central leaflet largest,
5-11.5cm x 1-2.4cm; stalk 3-6cm long

Flowers: Pea-flowers; pink, yellow or purple, 2-2.5cm long; borne singly or in small groups in the axils

Flowering Period: December to March

Fruit:  Pods, erect, hairy, narrow cylindrical, 4-14cm x 0.3-0.4cm; 10-18 seeds

Cultivation/Notes:  Propagate from seed