Vachellia bidwillii Mimosaceae

Form and Size: Small tree to 8m with pendulous branches

Distribution: Across northern Australia in open woodland

Leaves: Bi-pinnate, dark grey-green, 10-15cm long; up to 25 pairs of small leaflets on each segment; stalk and central stem hairy; leaflets hairy underneath

Bark: Rough, grey-brown and corky

Flowers: Creamy-green ball flowers on hairy stalks 4cm long

Flowering Period: September to December and sporadic

Fruit: Pods, brown, woody, flat and straight, 10-30cm x 2cm

Distinctive Features: Young plants and branchlets are thorny. This plant suckers from the roots and will form clumps.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed.A sparse, somewhat gaunt tree which will give a better impression if planted in dense groups of three or more plants.