Terminalia porphyrocarpa Combretaceae

Form and size: A small tree to 15m high; deciduous

Distribution: From Herberton to Maryborough, Qld; in vine scrubs and on rocky slopes

Leaves: Egg-shaped or triangular, broadest at the outer end, drawn-out at the base,
paler beneath, crowded, 4-10cm x 2.5-6cm

Flowers: 5-petalled, about 0.5cm diameter; borne on spikes 4-10cm long

Fruit: Globular to egg-shaped, not beaked, succulent, green to red, smooth, 1-2cm x 0.8-1.5cm;
immature fruit compressed, with a wing to 0.5cm wide

Distinguishing Features: Differs from T. muelleri by the winged immature fruit and from T. melanocarpa by the smaller fruit

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed