Tabernaemontana orientalis Apocynaceae

Eastern Gondala Bush

Form and Size: A small to medium, spreading shrub, 1-3m high, with milky sap

Distribution: North-eastern Ql., NT and WA; along stream banks, on rainforest margins
and in monsoon forests and vine thickets

Leaves: Opposite, elongated oval tapering to the base, tip pointed, veins prominent, hairy,
light green, 6.5-20cm x 4-7cm; new growth softly hairy

Flowers: White, tubular with petals in a rotating pattern, perfumed, 1.5-2.2cm diameter; borne in small clusters,
terminal or in the axils

Flowering Period: August to December

Fruit: Yellow-orange, curved, 3-sided, banana-shaped, l.5-2cm x 0.8-lcm; carried in pairs; seeds reddish

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed
Needs a shady, protected position and well drained soil
An unusual plant with attractive flowers and colourful seed capsules