Syzygium wilsonii subsp. wilsonii Myrtaceae

Powderpuff Lilypilly

Syzygium wilsonii

Form and Size: A spreading shrub to 3m high

Distribution: Between Mossman and Cardwell, north Qld.; in wet rainforest

Leaves: Narrow, stiff, dark dull green above, paler beneath, to 18cm x 5cm; new growth pink to reddish

Bark: Flaky

Flowers: Pink to brilliant scarlet, masses of long stamens pendant in the form of a powderpuff; borne in terminal clusters

Flowering Period: June to December

Fruit: Egg-shaped, cream or white, about 1.5cm diameter

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed or cuttings
A plant of the wet rainforest needing extra care to protect it from hot sun and drying winds
The conditions needed are virtually those of a lightly covered shade house to ensure that it is not dried out on windy days
It will tolerate a fair amount of sun if the root system is very well protected and kept moist
The large, fluffy, red flowers are spectacular