Syzygium papyraceum Myrtaceae

Paperbark Satinash

Syzygium papyraceum

Form and Size: A medium tree to 15m, with a dense crown

Distribution: Cooktown to the Paluma Range, near Townsville; in rainforest above 500m altitude

Leaves: Opposite, oval, thick, dark glossy green above, paler and dull beneath, to 10cm x 4cm; new growth is shiny brown

Bark: Orange-red, papery

Flowers: Mauve, small, fluffy; borne in small terminal clusters

Flowering Period: September to October

Fruit: Bright iridescent purple, globular or pear-shaped, about 3cm diameter

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed
A very decorative small tree, which may only reach 4-6 metres in cultivation
It is slow growing, but often flowers while young
Loamy, well drained soils and abundant water are preferred
It may need some protection while young