Synima cordierorum Sapindaceae

Form and Size: A shrub or bushy tree to about 5m high

Distribution: In wet rainforests from Cooktown to Mt. Spec, north Qld

Leaves: Pinnate, to 45cm long; 2-5 pairs of leaflets, to 14cm x 5cm, stiff papery-textured, shiny green, margins minutely toothed; new growth bright red

Flowers: White or cream, about 0.3cm diameter; borne on large, dense terminal panicles

Flowering Period: July to August

Fruit: Capsules, bright red, 3-lobed, borne in large bunches; opening to reveal seeds covered with a yellow aril

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed
A very colourful small tree, with beautiful foliage and stunningly bright fruit
It is suited particularly to lightly shaded or protected areas with rich soils
Mulching and fertilising are beneficial
The fruit are eagerly sought by fruit-eating birds.