Schefflera actinophylla Araliaceae

Umbrella Tree

Schefflera actinophylla

Form and Size: A medium tree usually 6-10m high in cultivation; often multi-stemmed

Distribution: Eastern Qld, from Cape York to near Miriam Vale, and the Top End of NT; in coastal rainforest

Leaves: Compound, 7-16 leaflets arranged in palmate form, leaflets broadly oblong, glossy dark green, tip pointed, 12.5-24cm x 6-11cm; leaflet stalk to 9cm long, main stalk to 50cm long

Bark: Smooth, pale grey

Flowers: Red or pink-red, 0.5-0.8cm diameter, stalkless; borne in tight clusters of 9-12 flowers along a spike 40-70cm long; generally 10-15 spikes forming a terminal, umbrella-shaped inflorescence

Flowering Period: November to March

Fruit: Reddish to purple-black, globular, smooth, fleshy, 0.5-0.7cm diameter; numerous wafer-like seeds in purple flesh

Cultivation/Notes:  Propagate from fresh seed or cuttings
Will tolerate a wide range of conditions but prefers well-drained soils and abundant water
It will grow for years as a potted plant and will tolerate low light conditions
Both the abundant nectar and the fleshy fruit are avidly sought by birds, particularly the Lorikeet
This tree has a particularly invasive root system and should not be planted near drainage pipes, paths,
septic systems or foundations

Schefflera actinophylla