Planchonia careya Lecythidaceae

Cocky Apple

Planchonia careya

Form and Size: A small straggly tree, 4-10m high; deciduous

Distribution: Across northern Australia and down the east coast to about Fraser Island; in open forests and woodlands

Leaves: Egg-shaped or spatula-shaped, tapering to the base, shiny light green above, dull beneath, softly leathery, margins having rounded teeth, 2.5-10cm x 3-6cm; turning rusty-orange before falling

Bark: Grey, rough, corky, fissured

Flowers: Large, fleshy, white with numerous pink and white stamens 5-6cm long; usually open in the evening and fall by next morning

Flowering Period: July to October

Fruit: Green, egg-shaped, smooth, fibrous inside, to 9cm x 4cm

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed or cuttings or by layering
Seeds are viable for a short period only
The fruit were eaten by Aborigines and many parts of the plant were used for a wide range of medicinal purposes. The fruit are readily eaten by cockatoos and goats

Planchonia careya