Petalostigma banksii Picrodendracea

Smooth-leaved Quinine

Form and size: A shrub or small tree, to 4m

Distribution: Northern Qld. and N.T., widespread and common, particularly on sandy soil in open forest

Leaves: Oval, tapering to the base, 1-5cm long and 1-3cm wide, with a rounded smooth appearance,
shiny dark green above and lighter below

Bark: Rough, dark grey

Flowers: Separate male and female flowers, inconspicuous, tiny, cream, male clustered at the leaf base, female solitary

Flowering Period:  October-December

Fruit: Round, succulent orange capsules to 2cm, which, when dry, split open into 4-6 segments

Cultivation /Notes: From cuttings or seed. Very hardy.