Paraserianthes toona Mimosaceae

Mackay Cedar, Acacia Cedar, Red Siris



Form and Size: A bushy, spreading tree, 10-30m tall; deciduous

Distribution: Rainforests and scrubs from Cape York to Mackay, Qld

Leaves: Bipinnate, to 30cm long; 10-20 secondary segments each with up to 70 pairs of small, narrow-oblong leaflets, dark green above, paler beneath

Bark: Greyish, rough

Flowers: Cream; borne on terminal panicles 10-15cm long

Flowering Period: August to October

Fruit: Pods, flat, about 12cm x 3cm; 4-6 seeds

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from scarified seed
Needs well drained soils and a sunny position.