Pararistolochia deltantha Aristolochiaceae

Mountain Dutchman’s Pipe

Form and Size: A tall climber which can grow 8-15m, twining around available support

Distribution: Rainforests of northern Qld

Leaves: Broadly lance-shaped, bright green, leathery, smooth above, dull and rough beneath, 6-12cm x 2-4cm; young shoots hairy

Flowers: Purplish or dark maroon, delicately patterned with cream, about 2.5cm long; in short racemes on new growth

Flowering Period: September to November

Fruit: Capsule, ribbed, yellowish, 5-7cm long; seeds numerous, flat, round; have an unpleasant smell

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed or cuttings
Vigorous climber preferring some protection and regular watering
Food plant for the majestic Cairns birdwing and Red Bodied Swallowtail butterflies