Neofabricia myrtifolia Myrtaceae

The natural range of this species is well north of Townsville but it grows reliably in local gardens.

Photo: John Elliott

Form and Size: An erect shrub to 4m high, occasionally growing to 10-12m in forest areas.

Photo: Julia Hazel

Distribution: Iron Range, on Cape York, north Qld.

Leaves: Oblong, tapering to the base, tip rounded with a short point, softly hairy, bright green, crowded at the ends of branchlets, which are densely hairy, to 3.5cm x 0.7cm.

Photo: John Elliott

Flowers: Yellow, open, to 3cm diameter, 5-petalled; borne terminally on short leafy branchlets.

Flowering Period: March to July.

Fruit: Capsules, about 1cm diameter.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed or cuttings. An attractive small shrub in open cultivation. Flowers have an unpleasant odour for a short time as they age.