Nauclea orientalis Rubiaceae

Common Name: Leichhardt Tree

Form and Size: A large tree, l0-25m high, with a dense crown; deciduous.

Photo: Cameron Atkinson

Distribution: Across northern tropical Australia: in lowland rainforests, along streams and in swampy areas.

Leaves: Opposite, large, broad, smooth, egg-shaped, dark green, veins prominent, tip rounded, 14.5-30cm x 9-17cm; prominent stipules at the base of each leaf are shed after the leaf emerges.

Photo: Keith Townsend

Bark: Cream-grey, rough, finely fissured or tessellated.

Photo: Cameron Atkinson

Flowers: Tubular, yellow petals with white style, fragrant, 2-2.5cm long; borne on dense globular heads 2-4cm diameter.

Photo: John Elliott

Flowering Period: September to December.

Fruit: Composite, globular, 3-5cm diameter, soft, yellowish-brown, having an unpleasant odour when ripe.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed. A fast growing tree needing abundant moisture. Suitable for parks or larger gardens only.