Micromelum minutum Rutaceae

Lime Berry

Form and Size: A dense shrub or small tree, 2-8m high, but usually no more than 3m

Distribution: Across northern Australia and down the east coast to northern NSW; in near-coastal areas

Leaves: Pinnate, 25-35cm long; 7-15 leaflets, unequal sides, dark green, thin-textured,
crinkled, elongated pointed tip, 4.7-12.5cm x 2-6cm

Bark: Grey, smooth

Flowers: Greenish-cream, fragrant, about 0.5cm diameter; borne on terminal panicles

Flowering Period: April to August

Fruit: Berries, orange-red, egg-shaped, 0.7- 0.9cm x 0.5-0.6cm; borne in dense clusters

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed. Suitable for full sun or semi-shaded positions, this plant attracts many butterflies with its sweet nectar and is a foodplant of the Orchard, Capaneus and Ambrax butterflies. Birds readily eat the small fruit