Memecylon pauciflorum Memecylaceae

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Form and Size: A small to medium shrub or small tree.

Distribution: Northern and eastern Qld., N.T. and W.A.; in monsoon forests, open forests and drier rainforests.

Leaves: Opposite, oval, glossy, about 4cm x 1.7cm.

Flowers: White, cream or blue, 4-petalled, small; borne in axillary clusters.

Fruit: Purple or black, fleshy, globular or flattened-globular, 0.6-0.8cm x 0.8-0.9cm.

Distinguishing Features: May be superficially confused with Eugenia reinwardtiana, but M. pauciflorum does not have oil dots in the leaves.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed.