Lysicarpus angustifolius Myrtaceae

Budgeroo, Buff Hazelwood,  Tom Russell’s Mahogany

Lysicarpus angustifolius

Distribution: Eastern inland Qld, to a little north of Townsville; in Eucalypt woodlands and grasslands
The presence of this tree often indicates phosphorus deficient, infertile, sandy soils

Form and Size: A medium tree to 10m with a rounded, open canopy

Leaves: Narrow, stiff, leathery, hairy underneath, margins recurved, 2-9cm long; borne opposite or in whorls of 3

Bark: Dark brownish-grey, loose and fibrous

Flowers: Creamy-white, centres aging to russet brown, approx 1cm diameter; borne in small, open panicles

Flowering Period: August to November

Fruit: Small capsules, 6-8mm long

Cultivation/Notes: The timber of this tree is hard, heavy, elastic and prettily marked
It is termite resistant and popular for woodturning and cabinet work
Because of its characteristics it was widely used in the past for fencing, piles and railway sleepers