Ludwigia octovalvis Onagraceae

Yellow Primrose

Form & Size: An erect, much-branched perennial shrub 0.5 to 2m in height, with finely hairy stems

Distribution: Widely distributed throughout tropical and sub-tropical areas of Australia
and also world wide in similar climatic areas

Leaves: Alternate, long and narrow, elliptic, almost stalkless, pointed tip, lightly to densely hairy, 3.5-11cm x 0.5- 2.5 cm

Flowers: Yellow, 4-petalled to 2.5 cm diameter, having a tubular floral tube which is somewhat 8-ribbed

Flowering Period: Generally March to August but depending on wet season

Fruit: Narrow, cylindrical capsules 2-4 cm x 0.3-0.4 cm containing numerous roundish brown seeds

Notes: An aquatic or semi-aquatic herb or shrub which inhabits swamps, billabongs etc., particularly in prolific wet periods
It has some toxic properties, sometimes causing gastro-enteritis in sheep and cattle