Livistona decora Arecaceae

Weeping Cabbage Palm, Ribbon Fan Palm

Form and Size: A solitary fan-leaved palm to l5m tall, with a trunk 20-25cm thick

Distribution: Coastal districts of Qld from Cape Cleveland, just south of Townsville to Fraser Island;
along stream banks, in rainforest margins, and in swamps and open forest

Leaves: To 4m long, rigid, stalk 2.5-3m long. 5-6cm wide at the base, 2cm wide at the top, margins having numerous curved prickles; leaf blade 1-1.5m diameter, circular, pale yellowish-green,
thin-textured, divided deeply into numerous narrow segments:
segments long, deeply forked, and pointed with long, drooping tips

Flowers: Yellow, 0.1-0.25cm diameter; borne in much-branched panicles to 2m long

Fruit: Black, shiny, globular, 1.2-1.8cm diameter

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed which should germinate in 3-4 months

Livistona decora at its northern limit on Cape Cleveland