Larsenaikia ochreata Rubiaceae

Native Gardenia

Larsenaikia ochreata

Form and Size: A medium to tall shrub, 2-5m high; may be deciduous in the dry season

Distribution: North-eastern Qld; in open forests and along stream banks

Leaves:  Broadly egg-shaped, blunt, thin-textured, dark green, hairy beneath, veins prominent, 8-12cm x 6-8cm;
new growth softly hairy

Bark: Dark, hard

Flowers: White, perfumed. 6-9cm diameter; borne in small terminal groups

Flowering Period: September to November

Fruit: Egg-shaped, hairy, calyx prominent, 3-3.5cm x 1.5-2cm

Cultivation/Notes:  Propagate from fresh seed or cuttings
A hardy plant found both on the coast and inland
It is suitable for dry areas as well as along the coast
Regular pruning will assist in maintaining a bushy shape
Previously known as Gardenia ochreata

Larsenaikia ochreata