Harpullia hillii Sapindaceae


Form and Size: A tall shrub or small tree, 6-15m high, with a spreading crown

Distribution: In dry rainforests from the Burdekin River, Qld to Clarence River, NSW

Leaves: Pinnate, 5.5-12cm long; 2-10 leaflets, oblong, egg-shaped or oval, tip blunt or notched, leathery,
dark shiny green above, paler beneath, 5.5-16cm x 2.5-7cm; new growth pale green and hairy

Flowers: White with brown star-like hairs outside, about 1cm diameter; borne in densely-flowered panicles 14-30cm long in the upper axils

Flowering Period: October to November

Fruit: Capsules, yellow, nearly round, hairy, 1.3-1.5cm x 2.7-3.5cm; seeds black, aril red

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed. A useful tree with a dense canopy, providing good shade. It will tolerate a range of soil types but good drainage is absolutely necessary. Mulching and supplementary watering are needed in dry periods.